Film equipment supplier 2022 with Digi Broadcast Co. LTD

TV broadcast equipment broker today from Digi Broadcast Co. LTD? DigiBroadcast is the industry specialist in all things used broadcast equipment. Among our high-quality stock, you’ll find camcorders, lenses, sound equipment, lighting equipment and recording gear as well as a massive range of camcorder additions and accessories too. Each and everyone one of our used products are checked thoroughly before being made available for purchase, and here at DigiBroadcast, you will find that all of our broadcasting equipment is extremely well-priced to stand out among the rest in a competitive market. Discover more details on Digi Broadcast UK.

Bags, Cases & Covers purchase tips and tricks from Digi Broadcast Co. LTD : Rain Covers & Camera Gloves: When you’re out and about shooting in different environments, the elements can quite quickly become your enemy. The last thing you want is for expensive camera gear to succumb to damage from dampness and moisture, and so it’s wise that you invest in a rain cover or camera glove. Products such as Camrade’s EFP range come in small and large sizes to suit different sized cameras from a selection of the industry’s leading brands, as well as a choice between black and grey colour finishes.

Our team have compiled a concise list of batteries and chargers, their uses and some standout products from our excellent range available here at DigiBroadcast. Standard camera batteries and chargers are great for replacing your camera’s standard issue battery should it not be up to scratch or for use as a backup power source supply for when you’re out on location. Our DV chargers and DV batteries are ideal for giving you peace of mind that you’ll never run out of juice when you’re out shooting or in the studio, while we also stock some fantastic all-in-one battery accessory kits such as the Sony ACC-U60 pictured here.

Whether you’re recording audio for a small independent project or a large scale production, it’s vital that the quality of your footage is complemented by fantastic sounding audio too. Here at DigiBroadcast you’ll find a expansive range of high-quality sound equipment to ensure that you’re capturing great sounding audio to complement your film. Here you’ll find top brands such as Blackmagic, Fomex, Sennheiser, Sony and Teradek among many more, all of which are renowned in the industry for their superior sound recording equipment. Browse here at DigiBroadcast where you’ll find a selection of other quality sound equipment, including boundary microphones, gooseneck microphones and more.

Once you’ve found the perfect camcorder for you, it’s now a case of getting out into different environments and finding interesting subjects to shoot and hone your craft with. There are several ways in which you can do this and switch up your photography skills. Most people can point and shoot at a stationary subject from a standard angle, but the trick to taking more interesting and engaging photos and footage starts with experimenting with camera angles and finding a new way to approach your shot. Angles provide perspective and dimension, and so mixing up your methods is a surefire way to capture a creative looking piece of film or photography. Here are a couple of examples to get you started.