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Recyclable pouch producer 2022? No sharp edges, no danger for children or external packages in the courier. Standard easy tear on all doypacks. All our pouches come with open zipper. Doypacks with open zipper will save you time and energy during filling process. Kraft Stand-Up Pouches with Zipper is very much preferred by granola producers. Extra clear window gives a very good insight. Brown and White Kraft options are available. Kraft papers on our stand up pouches are %100 virgin and paper has a fine touch. Find even more details on clear recyclabe stand up pouch with zipper. Paper With Barrier ? Yes, This is what makes this pouch very very special. Regular papers breath. It may be good for short shelf life but not long term storage. Special milling technique gives shelf life up to 6 months depending on the products. Heat Sealable: This is another important property of this product because most of the paper pouches are made with gluing and also tape is used to close it. We don’t use any glue to form the pouch and you can use simple heat sealers to seal.

Another problem with bio- degradable compostable stand-up pouches are, it is very difficult to certify them. Certification is a long process and in 3-6 months all has to be composted. Stand-up pouches are thicker films and the zipper on them makes them even more thicker which makes it almost impossible to get a compostable – bio degradable stand-up pouch certified. The likely scenario for the future is, the municipalities will only collect the compostable pouches if they are with certification logo and keep them in the right temperature and humidity. The rest will sit in the black bin and will be in landfills of burned.

A goal of Circular Economy Action Plan is helping consumers and public authorities choose sustainable products and services. Use of plastic is growing rapidly over the years. Flexible packages and stand-up pouches are part of the plastic use. Many people think that use of plastic is not good for the environment. It is not the case when we compare with other alternatives like, glass, paper, tin cans etc. One must look at the total carbon print from production to transportation and re-use option.

This is important because oil is a limited resource and we don’t want to finish it all and have none left for the future generations. This is what’s called sustainability. Another benefit of bio- based, sustainable stand up pouch is less of ecological area is used for oil wells. The starch for bio-based plastic is grown in controlled areas only. Bio-Based plastic stand-up pouches had properties very similar to regular plastic. It means that the possibility of replacing the fossil based stand up pouches is wider. Many thinks that bio-based are also bio degradable (compostable) or recyclable. Not really. Once the starch turns into plastic it acts no different than fossil based plastic. See extra info at recyclable pouch producer.